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6 Health Trends You Will See Everywhere in 2018

Trend 1: Pay attention to the intestines!

Are you aware that we started to talk more about our bowel health? The new trend is to feed on the inflammation of the intestines and to put more of our life into probiotic foods that are good for digestion. In short, start collecting recipes that already contain probiotics.

Trend 2: We grow the size a bit

Spending time on the treadmill and strength training are good ways to be weak and healthy. But this year will be a year when we think it’s better to build muscles and have a balanced body. In short, we will not spend more time looking muscular, not weaker.

Trend 3: Clean air

If we understand the importance of clean food, we are moving to the value of fresh air this year. You should learn what in-house plants are doing this for you and get them straight from your home. Protect your health with these plants that keep your chambers away from dust, ducts and other allergens.

Trend 4: Exercise after exercise

“What is exercise after exercise? It is enough?” we seem to hear you say but do not worry, we do not talk about such a difficult thing. This will mean relaxation and stretching after exercise, which both makes you feel comfortable and prevents you from being buried in snacks and snacks.

Trend 5: Turn to natural solutions

Healing your hair or getting rid of the problems in your skin will take place this year, not your dermatologists, but yours. Because you will be using all natural solutions like natural shampoos and less hair.

Trend 6: Vitamins for brighter skin

With just a few drops of vitamin C, you can make your skin strong antioxidant properties of your skin, which you can make part of your daily skin care routine. With these anti-aging serums, you can get brighter, firmer skin, less fine lines and a more homogeneous skin tone.


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