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Everyone who feels that it is lightly oily and does not make muscle thinks am i skinny. The fat of the body makes people uncomfortable. People who care about the image, value the outer appearance. So they often look to the mirror. Are my cheeks bulging? Is under the chin swollen? Do I have belly fat?

Those who wondered what “am i skinny”, asked us the following questions;

“Hello there,

My age is 15, my neck is 176, my body is 63. Normally I have to be weak skinny with this weight, but I am oily. I guess this is called skinny fat. What is the solution, what is your knowledge about the matter? I will skip my training schedule tomorrow. Paddle, shoulder presses, wrists and so on. There are only half a shuttle and a reverse shuttle. There’s a leg working. Is not it weird?”

“Hello there,

I’m like a lot of people with this question. To survive this problem, I hesitated between weight and cardio. Some call it weight training, some call it cardio. What is the most logical for you and is it possible to get rid of this Skinny Fat problem? It makes me worried about whether it is permanent and impossible. As I said, can I overcome this problem with Interval cardio? Can I get your opinion?”


I have a skinny fat body type, so I’m a skinny but a belly fat person. How can I fix this? How should I feed? I filled my first month in the gym. Do I have to work with Cardio?”

“How can we prevent the fat percentage from being between 15% and 25%, even though I am not so weak as to be called Skinny Fat? What do you recommend to those who have bodybuilding in terms of training and nutrition?”

For these and similar questions, let’s first explain the skinny fat situation:

There was no “skinny-fat” term before 5-10 years, and now it may be coming out very often. The definition of skinny fat is: weak but bellied. When you search on the internet, you can find many sites about skinny fat. Like this website J

What skinny people look like?

This type of body, when viewed from the outside, may fit with clothes on it; for example with a long-sleeved sweatshirt. But the real problem is that when he goes out or touched, he will show himself. Skinny-fat is not fat. There is no birth size or thick bone. It may even have arms and legs, just like the thinness.

It is usually caused by inadequate activity, the overall feeling of “softness” in the whole of the body and the muscles are not “alive”. And again with a certain age (this age is getting early and early) a fat accumulation in the belly area will come along with it. Thick arms and legs, but an oily belly and breasts that began to sag in the same oiliness.

As we described at the beginning, it would not be so obvious if you just took a picture of it with a dress, but then it starts after the skinny-fat T-shirt comes out! Eventually, the skinny fat solution will begin to be searched naturally.

Now let’s come to the good news … skinny-fats are not so hard to get into form. If you are thinking that you are “skinny-fat” from the above recipe, and you do not intend to hide into your clothes until after the end of your life, it is in your hands to change it.

Skinny fat solution

We present skinny fat solution as 25 subtitles for skinnyfats….

Here is 25 golden rule to have fat-burning, well-functioning metabolism. “Our basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the minimum energy needed to maintain the body’s needs and activities.” Factors affecting our metabolic rate;

a. Age: BMR is higher in our youth, decreases with age.

b. Height: The metabolism of long and weak people is faster.

c. Growth: The metabolism of children, pregnancies is fast.

d. Body composition: The more fat-free the tissue, the greater the BMR.

e. Body fever: metabolism accelerates with body heat.

f. Stress: Stress hormones accelerate BMR.

g. Temperature: BMR increases in both hot and cold weather.

h. Hunger: BMR falls on fasting.

ı. Malnutrition: Malnutrition reduces BMR.

There are many ways to measure your metabolism; These are some BMR formulas, methods of body analysis and oxygen consumption. Measuring your metabolism once does not always mean it will stay the same.

BMR; as you get older, as you gain or lose weight, it will change under stress. If you have a problem of obesity do not worry; because the number of people who do not gain weight is very small and 99.9% of people are predisposed to gain weight. If you have a fast-working metabolism, the weight problem will mean you will not live much. Good working metabolism burns good fat. According to this, there are 25 gold rules to have fat-burning, well-functioning metabolism:

  1. Your body composition is important

For a healthy metabolism we must first lose fat, increase muscle. The more we grow our lean weeds, the more difficult it is to catch the diseases.

     2. Smartly nourish to stay in ideal kilos

We must never be hungry to have a good metabolism. When we are hungry, fat cells attract the rebel flags. We get appetite, our metabolism slows and we lose muscle. To survive muscle loss we must take a minimum of 1000 kcal.

     3. Beware of hormonal balance

Our hormones and oils are in interaction with each other. When we get fat, both our hormones and our metabolism change. For our hormones to work well, we need to be fed with good fats, prefer foods with low glycemic index, do not skip breakfast, and need frequent feeding.

      4.  Drink plenty of fluids

skinny people and skinny fat solution

Drinking 500 ml of extra water a day accelerates metabolism by 20%. Even this 20% difference causes you to lose 400 grams per week. Our body needs at least 2 liters of water. Except water, herbal teas, lemonade, grapefruit juice, homemade iced tea are healthy drinks that accelerate metabolism. Alcohol, cola, sodas, tea and coffee make you you hungry, increase stress, increase the amount of fat, exhausts your liver.

       5.  Get enough protein

Protein forms our muscles. Inadequate protein intake slows metabolism. Try to get protein every single day. Thus blood sugar is balanced and the feeling of satiety is increased. Excess protein is also stored as fat, causing problems in the kidney, liver and heart. Today, low-carb diets with low carbohydrate and high protein ratios are not healthy, only provide short-term weight loss, and then lose weight stops

        6.   Take adequate fiber

Fiber is the body’s sweep. It dispenses toxins, keeps you full, reduces the absorption of oils. It balances blood sugar. Also do not be afraid to take too much fiber, there is no calorie, because it is not digested. Vegetables, fruits, unrefined grains contain fiber.

       7.  Exercise regularly

In the first 20 minutes during exercise, carbohydrates, then proteins and the last oils are consumed as energy. So instead of running for 15 minutes, walking for 35 minutes accelerates BMR and burns fat. If you decide to walk regularly, you can learn how you are moving during the day with a pedometer. 10 thousand steps per day is necessary to be average moving. Try to take 140 steps per minute for your heart to work.

    8.   Choose low-glycemic index foods

If insulin is unbalanced, you’re always hungry and want to eat carbs. Omega 3 fatty acids increase insulin sensitivity, so eat fish 2-3 days a week. Olive oil, flaxseed oil, salmon fish contain useful fatty acids. Nevertheless, never be hungry. Taking chrome minerals also increases insulin sensitivity.

      9.   Get Vitamin C

vitamin c and skinny fat diet

Citrus fruits, oranges, grapefruit, lemon contain high Vitamin C Vitamin. C is a detoxifying, diuretic and cholesterol-lowering vitamin. Include foods that contain Vitamin C every morning so that you can metabolize quickly. But excess vitamin C tears the kidneys.

    10.   Pectin fiber weakens

Apple, blackberry, grapefruit and some fruits contain fiber called pectin. Reduce the fat absorption of cells. You are protected against heart and circulatory problems, including an apple and a grapefruit. It destroys cholesterol and prevents constipation, it lowers the blood pressure, it is useful against pectin to arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

    11.    Garlic and onion help reduce fat deposits

In addition, each ingredient of garlic contains antibiotics and immunomodulatory effects. Reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Onion reduces the risk of getting stomach cancer; garlic also reduces the risk of getting bowel cancer.

     12.    Use spices that accelerate metabolism

Ginger, pepper and curry accelerate metabolism. Cinnamon balances blood sugar. Ginger accelerates metabolism, reduces swelling. The fennel takes the excess water out of the body. Thyme reduces cholesterol and burns fat. Rosemary stimulates the circulatory system.

    13.   Start the day with breakfast absolutely

When you do not have breakfast, you will receive a message that you are starving your body. Because you have not eaten anything since the night, you have not eaten anything for more than 10 hours. So your metabolism slows down to protect your body. Nutrients, especially complex carbohydrates, fire metabolism.

    14.   Eat your dinner early

Don’t eat late. Research shows that you can lose weight by eating a strong breakfast and lunch and a light dinner. Try to eat your dinner as early as possible and at least 4 hours before going to bed if possible.

    15.   Feed regularly

Include break meals in your nutritional program … Foods in complex carbohydrate groups such as fruits, vegetables and cereals accelerate your metabolism.

    16.   Take a break during exercises

In addition to the regular aerobics exercises, take a quick 10-15 minute walk at noon or evenings. This further increases your metabolic rate.

    17.    Weight lifting

skinny fat to fit and skinny people

Run your muscles by doing 2-3 days of weight lifting a week. Aerobic exercises burn fat, while weight lifting allows your body to shape and tighten your metabolism rate.

    18.   Be moving

Look for ways to be active. You can use simple but effective methods like to park your car farther away, not to use the elevator.

    19. Take iron

Iron supplies oxygen to the muscles for body fat burning. Every month women with blood loss due to menstrual period should pay attention to iron intake. Iron is most commonly found in red meat, eggs, spinach and green leafy vegetables.

    20.   Drink milk and eat yogurt

Sufficient intake of calcium accelerates metabolism. Skimmed milk and yogurt are the best sources of calcium.

    21.  Do not make a low calorie diet

When diet programs containing less than 1000 calories per day are made, the metabolism slows down by about 15% on average in two weeks. This leads to very easy weight gain when you leave the diet. So even if it takes a long time for you to lose weight, it is important to make diets that do not slow your metabolism and lead to muscle loss.

    22.  Be patient

The work you do for the acceleration of your metabolism can take two months to yield results. So be patient and the prizes you receive will be worth it.

skinny fat solution and skinny fat to fit

    23.   Be sensible

Long-term thinking is the key to success in lifestyle change. Continue your way without annoying yourself but never giving up. Get support from your dietician, psychologist and exercise instructor. The key of change is in your hands so do not give up.

   24.   Focus your weight on your ideal

Believe that you will lose weight in a healthy way and you will go to ideal weight and protect this weight. If you want to be 54 kg, imagine how you will behave and feel when you are 54 pounds and perform these feelings and behaviors with your heart, if you are moving more quickly, start move faster, if you are wearing more colorful, start to wear more colorful now. Feel the happiness of being proud and respecting yourself.

    25.  Butterfly effect

To speed up your metabolism, these changes will start to take effect in about 2 months and you will have a healthy working, ideal weight and a fit body after 1 year. The secret here is to be organized and never give up. The flapping of a butterfly affects the seasons, minor changes which do for your health will affect your life and you considerably.

All these ingredients are also recommended for skinny fat to fit and skinny fat diet. You can sometimes see “skinny fat” on web pages: fat to skinny…

We wish you luck.













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