Best Way to Lose Weight / How to lose weight in a week / How can I lose 5 pounds fast

Best Way to Lose Weight / How to lose weight in a week / How can I lose 5 pounds fast

I will tell you best way to lose weight in this article. I know you want to lose weight but you failed. Sure, these days the site visitors are almost entirely focused on “weight loss” and I want to post them in titles like weight loss methods, effective diet lists, easy weight loss. This is understandable because the summer is approaching, but at this point it is wrong for those who want to lose weight. Because seasonal weight loss (trying to give) is the biggest obstacle to sustained weight loss. In other words, “I look fit in the summer, but it is not necessary in the winter” idea, constantly putting the person in the cycle of weight gain / lose weight and then wears off emotional and physically.

To get out of this cycle, you need to be fed healthier. You also need to apply the principle of “regulating the diet and deciding on the implementation of this new diet” in order to achieve the desired weight gain. (All dietitians recommend it)

But I know that it is not possible because it is not easy to change the way of eating, to stay away from the usual food for many years and to move more.

It may be easy to apply such changes temporarily, but it is a very challenging process turning it into a lifestyle. The situation that affects the weight loss journey most negatively and prevents you from achieving the desired weight; it is not able to provide this continuity.

It is such a difficult situation, and especially after one or two unsuccessful diet attempts, people can fall into a “I can not lose weight” pessimism. It may be your choice to accept this and combat the possible health problems that these pounds may cause by overweighting the rest of your life.

But if you can prepare yourself mentally and again create a proper diet for yourself, you can really lose weight. Moreover, if you use the right weight loss methods, you do not need to worry “do I get this weight back?”

In this article, first I want to talk about best way to lose weight and I would like to include some weight loss methods that you can use while changing your diet rather than the diet lists you can find everywhere, which will make your work a little easier and help you lose weight permanently.

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight

lose weight

Before you create a program to lose weight, knowing why you are gaining weight may help in preparing a proper nutritional way for you. Many of people want to know and ask us what is the best way to lose weight. There is not only one solve. You must do something together.

The great majority of people who are overweight today “eat because they want to eat, not because they are hungry”

So when we eat every meal or when we consume snacks it does not mean that we are hungry and sometimes we eat because of psychological reasons. These psychological reasons can be a problem in the workplace, livelihoods, traffic, or even the team that we are keeping loses. Eating without hunger causes me to get more calories during the day.

In addition, aggressive advertising campaigns, especially from ready-made food companies, lead us to consume these products before they realize that one of every 3 advertisements on the television is a snack food ad.

Moreover, the fact that these packaged foods often contain high levels of sugar and stimulate secretion of hormones such as dopamine in the sugar brain can lead to “food dependence” especially in children.

The same goes for packaged fruit juices and sodas. Moreover, these foods are very damaging to us everywhere. You can come face to face with “empty calorie” foods such as potato chips, coke, salted crackers, and sweet biscuits.

One of the most important reasons why we cannot lose weight is that we do not have time to prepare our own food. For example, we do not have time to prepare a quality breakfast that will keep us busy during the day on weekdays, and we are passing it on by eating more carbohydrate-based pastry jobs. Pastry and other products are both high calorie and low nutritional values.

The same is true for lunch and dinner that we eat outside. We have no idea how much oil is used or even what kind of oil is used in these meals. So in today’s busy business climate we have very little and limited control over the food we actually consume, we only have to eat to satisfy ourselves.

*We need to move so that the energy we get from the food we consume can be consumed without turning into fat.

Lastly, weight gain is not necessarily related to how much we have to eat. As a side effect of certain medicines, genetic causes can lead to a lack of gain in various diseases (especially hormonal disorders).

*If you say “why cannot I lose weight” despite having regulated your diet, you should consult a specialist to see if you have any underlying health condition.

Why cannot I lose weight?

Take care of the following points to prepare yourself. So you can learn “why cannot I lose weight”.

# Prepare yourself mentally

Being mindful is the first rule to weaken. Preparing yourself for a new nutritional way will be especially helpful for you to stick to your diet in the beginning. Later on, as you lighten up on the table, you will find additional sources of motivation for yourself, but you need to be prepared for a changing diet.

As I mentioned above, it should be your primary goal to pay attention to the habit of “eating without hunger”.

When you want something to eat or when pastry starts flying in front of you, calm down and ask yourself “do I really hungry and need something to eat“?

The answer to this problem will be “no” at 80% in the first weeks, especially when you start applying your new diet. Your body, or rather your brain, goes into a hard fight with you (the one who is trying to eat right) to turn you into an old nutritional way.

It is normal to ask for desserts and pastries that ruin your diet during this period; because the brain tries to direct you to the energy sources you know about the new structure.

Among the methods of weight loss; create a diary book for “being ready to lose weight mentally” and you can note the points you need to look out for before you start the diet, the nutritional habits you find wrong, and the suggestion that you think you can help in the diet. It can provide extra motivation.

When you start this notebook, you can also use it to note the foods you eat daily, their calorie values, the exercise you are doing, and how many calories you burn.

This step may sound strange, but there is a lot of sharing about it working. Talk to the mirror before the diet begins, talk about why you should lose weight, how much weight you feel, and how it makes your life difficult. It can be motivating to hear your thoughts audibly in front of the mirror. (I should have been a psychologist) 🙂

Choosing a diet list is important

There are the Dukan diet, the Swedish diet, the Mediterranean diet, and even hundreds and perhaps thousands of dietary lists. Some of these diet lists are more popular. In fact, it is hard to know why this popularity is really due to the diet itself, or whether some celebrities are making these diets.

# It is a fact that every diet program may not be suitable for everyone. The diet plan that best matches your personality and your eating habits is the most appropriate diet plan for you.

For this reason, when choosing a diet program, you need to identify your eating habits and find (or create) a proper diet. For example, if you are a persistent snack consumer, implementing a diet list containing 2 meals a day can be tortured for you and you may not be able to do this for a long time. Or if you have a sweet eating habit, it would not be right to choose a diet list that does not contain any dessert.

When you look at diet lists, be honest with yourself about your eating habits and weaknesses and try to identify a diet list that is as appropriate for you as possible. In the meantime, you can make your own diet with low-calorie and nutritious foods that are suitable for you on your diet list. You do not need to be connected to a single list; you can create your own list.

Reward Yourself

We prepared ourselves, we chose the appropriate diet program for ourselves, and we started the diet. Now the important point is to stay connected as much as possible and do not give up. This process is extremely difficult and people cannot lose weight because of the inconvenience, motivation and discomfort that they usually experience at this point.

You can try the “reward method” when you are bored when you are dieting and when you are fighting yourself to avoid dieting.

The reward method is applied as follows; one of the following days (after 4 days or after 1 week) you are setting yourself a reward meal and you eat something that is yours at this time.

So the days between today and the reward meal are easier and your motivation is increasing. At the reward meal, you only have to eat one of the things you want to don’t break the diet. For example; 1 tiramisu, 1 cone ice cream, 1 sweet spoon nutella, 1 hamburger, 1 slice of pizza.

Do not hurry

Do not be hasty to lose weight. Continuous repetition “I cannot lose weight, I’m not on the weight I want, I cannot weaken” thoughts will cause you to give up diet after a while.

Stay calm when you are on the diet, do not overload yourself, do not increase the stress further because you are already changing your diet. Consider stress as the biggest obstacle in front of your weight loss. The biggest problem with stress is that you do not know exactly when you are stressed because stress is not a clear sign of headache, for example.

If you are not hungry and you are traveling around the refrigerator, if you have pizzas and blossoms in front of you, it may be stressful. Listen to your feelings when you find yourself in such a situation and determine the stress. If you do it all the time, you can quickly find out when you are stressed by getting habit after a while.

Be Careful After Your Diet Is Over

After the diet is complete and you have reached the kilogram you want, losing one’s weight and returning to the diet before the diet can cause you to waste so much effort. It is called “yoyo effect” in the case of continuous weight loss and recovery.

The cycle of weight loss / taking does not just mean that your labor is wasted because your health is also a lot of harm. Recurrent weight loss / taking can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and bladder problems after a while.

The way to prevent the Yoyo effect is to gradually lose weight by adjusting yourself to the new diet and then continue to apply this diet even though it is not as tight as when you diet.

Other Weight Loss Methods You Can Use While Dieting


Studies show that drinking water not only prolongs the feeling of satiety, but also accelerates the removal of fat and toxins from the body.

Low-nutrient and carbohydrate-rich foods can cause you to gain weight more. If you eat a carbohydrate-containing food, at least prefer to eat foods rich in fiber that will keep you out for a long time and regulate digestion.

Although this area is still controversial, recent studies have shown that dietary programs that include low-carbohydrate rather than low-fat are more successful.

Fewer sleeps can lead to more food being eaten and more calories being needed to complete the missing energy during the day. So be careful of your sleeping pattern and try to sleep at the same time every day and stay at the same time.

Do not sit on the table until you are hungry. It will be difficult at first to do this, but once you get used to it, you will notice that you are eating really hungry.

You can go to the gym for exercise, but it’s not necessary. Try to walk further, 30-45 minutes of fast paced walks by cutting down on TV time in the evening.

Do not do market shopping while you are hungry and try not to get as much food as possible out of your diet list.

Packaged foods are just as good for both your diet and your health as you eat snacks. You should consume real food such as vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts, walnuts, almonds, and chickens.

Maybe it will sound like a classic recommendation, but chew your bites for a long time. If you can make it a habit you can eat less food.

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