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Body fat percentage is the total amount of fat in your body compared to anything else in your body (organs, muscles, bones, tendons, water, etc.). Men and women have different proportions of fat.

A man with a super tight body can have at least 3-4% fat, and a woman with 8-9% fat. Male athletes have a very good body with a fat ratio of 10%; this ratio is 18-20% for a female.

What is the Ideal Healthy Body Fat Percentage?

body fat percentage, body fat percentage women

A table of generally accepted ideal healthy body fat percentage;

                                                Body Fate Percentage Women              Body Fate Percentage Men

Required Oils                                                % 10-12                                                                   % 2-4

Athletes                                                           % 14-20                                                                  % 6-13

Fit                                                                     % 21-24                                                                  % 14-17

Acceptable                                                      % 25-31                                                                  % 18-25

Obese                                                               % 32 +                                                                    % 26 +

The required oils are the minimum amount of fat needed to survive. When this amount falls below the level of the bankruptcy of the organs, so it is even harmful to approach this level. As a result, bodybuilders who participate in racing events only reduce the amount of fat in their body during the competition periods, raising their fat ratios to be healthier in the rest of the time.

If you want to look tight (men) and tight (women), you have to download your body fat ratio to the “athletes” section. It is more useful to learn ideal body fat percentage for women and men.

Set your goals

If you want to be like Ryan Reynolds or Jessica Beil in the Blade 3 movie, good luck! Your fat ratio should be 6-8% for men and 13-15% for women.

Note: It may not worth it because you will have to make a lot of effort to reach these body fat percentages.

If you want to have a baklava with envy, you should reduce your (fat) ratio to 8-11% for males and 15-17% for females.

If you are athlete and want to achieve ideal athletic performance, your goal should be 15% for men and 20% for women.

If you only have a nice look and feel good, it is ideal for men less than 18% and for women 20-23%

– For women! If you are worried about fertility and regl, it would be beneficial if you do not fall below 15%. So it’s worthwhile to be careful.

What’s My Body Fat Percentage?

  1. Looking – This method is my favorite method although it requires an educated eye and does not give a definite result. You can get approximate information by comparing your body with pictures that have Body Fat Ratios.
  2. Body Fat Caliper – Pull on your fat muscles in your body, then pull the calf and read the value by typing. There may be a margin of error of 3%.
  3. Body Fate Percentage Calculator – Using the US Navy or YMCA measurements, you can find your body fat ratio.
  4. Body Fat Rate Scatter – This measurement made by sending electric current to your body may not be very accurate. Because the amount of water you carry at that point can change.

Note: You should measure your Body Fat Rate at the same time each time. For example, measure every morning in the morning and empty. Thus, even if you do not find the right percentage, the margin of error will go down the most.

body fat percentage, healthy body fat percentage

High Body Fat but Skinny

After some measurements, high body fat but skinny problem can also be seen. The fat percentage of a weak person does not have to go low.

What do you need to do in this situation? Of course you need to burn fat with a healthy diet and fitness. But let’s first look at the state of protein, carbohydrates and fats in our bodies. Because such as skinny body fat stomach problems, when we start a healthy diet, The consumption of carbohydrates and proteins is aimed at the dissolution of fat.


What are the functions of carbohydrates?

  • The main task of carbohydrates is to provide energy to the body.
  • It is the main energy source for the athletes.
  • In addition, carbohydrates from poultry, which are not degraded by digestive enzymes, increase the functioning of the large intestine and prevent harmful substances from staying in the intestines for a long time.

What are the sources of carbohydrates?

  • Carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex.
  • Raw fish, pasta, bread, dried legumes, vegetables and other cereal products from complex carbohydrates must be found in the nourishment of the athletes.

Simple Carbohydrates

  • Tea sugar
  • Jam
  • Marmalade
  • Honey, molasses
  • Sweets
  • Fruit
  • Milk

Complex Carbohydrates

  • Bread
  • Rice
  • Macaroni
  • Dry legumes
  • Vegetables
  • Grain Products

Why are carbohydrates important for sportsmen?

  • Athletes can increase glycogen deposits by about 1.5 to 2 times with high carbohydrate nutrition.
  • The higher the performance of the athletes’ glycogen stores, the higher their performance.
  • Athletes try to continue training with diminished or empty carbohydrate stores, increasing the risk of injury and injury.

What is the carbohydrate requirement of the athletes?

  • The carbohydrate requirements of the athletes are calculated according to body weight. It is recommended to take 5-10 g / kg carbohydrate per day according to exercise intensity and duration.
  • • In addition, the proportion of energy to carbohydrates should be 60-65%, very intense training and 70% in endurance athletes.

Skinny body fat stomach is the general problem of athletes. They always ask “What’s my body fat percentage” in that situation.


What are the duties of the oils?

• Oils provide energy, as well as the use of fat soluble vitamins in the body.

• In addition, the intake of certain fatty acids is important for growth and skin health.

What is the oil requirement of the players?

• In sports, the rate of energy from oil should be kept around 20-25%.

• It is also stated that when the studies are done the fat intake is below 15%, it affects the performance and blood lipids negatively.

• When fatty foods are consumed too much, the intake of carbohydrates is low.

To reduce fat intake

• Fatty foods (mayonnaise, cream, butter, chips, etc.) and frying in oil should be avoided.

• Instead of solid oils (margarine, butter, tail fat etc.), liquid oils (sunflower oil, olive oil) should be preferred.

• Reduction of fat intake using low fat milk and dairy products


What are the functions of the proteins? The amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, form the basis of the cells that are the smallest unit of body organs.

• Also proteins,

✓ In the renewal of worn out tissues,

✓ In defense of the body against external microbe,

✓ In providing osmotic balance of intra- and extracellular fluids,

✓ In the structure of hemoglobin carrying oxygen in red blood cells,

✓ In the structure of enzymes and hormones,

✓ In micro repair of muscle fibrils due to exertion,

✓ Energy-efficient is working.

What are the sources of proteins?

• Proteins are found in animal and vegetable foods; But proteins derived from animal-derived nutrients are used more effectively in the body.

• Animal sources such as milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, meat (red meat, poultry, fish, etc.) are good sources of protein.

• Dry legumes (dry beans, chickpeas, lentils) are considered to be rich in protein, although they are plant origin.


What is the importance of proteins for the athletes? • It is known that the athletes have more advanced muscle mass than the non-athletes. Proteins make up the structure of the muscles. This can confirm that the athletes need to take more protein.

How is the protein requirement calculated in sports? • As the energy requirement for the sportsmen can be calculated from 12-15% of the energy, the exercise can be up to 1.2 – 1.8 g / kg by weight according to the type of exercise.

Will increasing protein intake increase muscle mass?

• It is recommended to increase the intake of protein for the first 3-4 weeks, especially for newborns, to increase the development of muscle fibrils; But studies have shown that excessive use of protein or amino acids in athletes does not cause more muscle growth. The increase in muscle mass is due to this effect of training.

• Excessive protein use by athletes other than beginners in sports does not cause any increase in muscle mass.

What happens if too much protein is taken?

• Studies have shown that the use of excess protein or amino acids increases urine output to remove proteins from the urine product, which is a pulsatile product, resulting in more fluid loss from the body and causing dehydration.

• In addition, excessive protein intake causes the liver and kidneys to become more fatigued and cause calcium excretion in the body.

If you have “high body fat but skinny” problem, probably you are searching about solves of “How to get rid of subcutaneous fat” question or “get rid of belly fat”.

subcutaneous fat

Let’s first look at “How to get rid of subcutaneous fat” problem. The solution of this problem will contribute to the solution of your other questions.

For years, one of the most common questions about weight loss has been “I have lost weight with sports and diet, but I cannot melt the fat coming from or around the belly, what exercise can I take?”

Often, the abdominal muscles become tight and fit after regular work. But when viewed from the outside, half a centimeter of fat between the skin and the muscles prevented the baklava from being displayed.

You have worked your muscles up to the desired level, even when you are touched, you can feel stones like stone, but the pesky thin layer of oil on it curates your whole effort.

First of all, with all the necessary perseverance and willingness to say that you can get results in every issue, I have a bad news for you:

No exercise will completely rescue you from subcutaneous fat.

get rid of belly fat

Rather, you will have to do with that region, but the exercise of the subcutaneous fat is only 3% to 5% effective.

The priority in this regard is diet and cardio fat burning afterwards. With treadmills, bikes, cross trainer and similar tools, you can get your pulse to a certain level and get rid of the subcutaneous fat over time.

I am aware that the word “salvageable” is extremely charming, but the subcutaneous fat the original skin is the last fat that remains after the burning of all the visible and invisible fats in your body. I mean, your body has to go below 10% of fat.

If you are not preparing for the competition, there is no need to enter an excessive number of till your cheeks collapse.

In order to dissolve the oil under the skin, you will do cardio work with a strict diet and your body will have the following order:

  1. First you will notice that the external fats of the body you see with your eyes melt at the speed that you anticipate. That is why the fats in your internal organs, which your body can not see at the same time,
  2. If you are aware of this and are not impatient, the amount of external fats will accelerate after the body’s internal fats have been melted.
  3. The outer fats of your body are also brought to the subcutaneous fat, according to the melting sequence, after the last belly waist and base melt (which is a separate process requiring persistence).
  4. You are likely to be dressed up, bored and faced with giving up until this stage. Your social experience has suffered from the disease and “diet devils” have come into commission.

If you are able to overcome this obstacle in the last stage, then you have passed the exam. As you walk on the beach you will be a special person that people follow with envy.

Those who follow you have either never been able to test it or have been stuck in one of the above steps. You are not just an aesthetic physique with envy, you are actually a steel-like will and a symbol of stability.

To summarize, it is possible to achieve a better body composition by cardio for 2-3 days a week, by weight studies for 2-3 days and by controlling the calories you take. Stability and regularity are key here.

Do not forget that doing more training does not always mean you can get better results. It will be much more useful to practice different types of training by following a smarter approach to achievement.

Here, the same problem with a different approach; skinny body fat stomach

Skinny body fat stomach is a situation similar to the one we mentioned above. Fat in the abdomen is usually the result of excessive intake of foodstuffs. There are differences in the locations of fat storage and oiling in the direction of the genes from the mother and the father. It is not possible to lubricate your abdomen by doing your abdominal work. By running the abdomen, only a 20% thinner effect on the muscles’ fat is achieved.

In addition, loose muscles that do not work are tightened. But when the muscle work is stopped, it loses its effect. The important thing is to get rid of the fat in the body, for this, all body muscles must be activated to increase the basal metabolism and then the fat burning should be provided in the running, walking and cycling types.

Walking, running bicycle type work should be done for minimum 35 minutes. Over 35 minutes, metabolism will run between 7 and 28 percent for 6 hours. The goal should not be to dissolve the oil in your skin, but to give the whole body the accumulated oil. The information on the scale cannot give you very clear information about this. Because when you do muscle work, muscle mass will become heavy and cardiovascular work will be done and fat will burn. These changes cannot be seen on the scale.

The important thing is not to lose weight but to give fat. You can measure your body fats in clinics, health centers and health clubs.

Balanced diet and exercise should always leave you with an advanced diet and gain your health without time.

It is possible to throw fat from a region?

Every day hundreds of shuttle or abdominal compression movements are not enough to fatten and thinner the waistband. They should only be used as a byproduct of the system and keep those muscle groups tight and tight.

Research has shown that it is not possible to fat off a region. Body fat burns in the direction of genetic cryptography everywhere in the body can throw fat in different amounts. Shuttle and abdominal compression exercises do not burn fat in this area, but only develop and stretch the muscles in this area to ensure a firm appearance.

For example, while some people first lose weight from the waistband and fat slower than the upper ones, some people cannot quickly dispense waistbands and throw fat faster than upper waistbands or other areas. For this reason, there is no program for regional weakness. The only remedy is cardio exercises. 3-4 times a week 25-35 minutes – running, cycling-shovel…

Run large muscle groups

Run your fat-burning muscles: the more muscles you run, the more calories you burn, the more you are sitting. If you want to get rid of your oils, you need to use your muscles to get the fattest. These are your calf, hip and chest muscles.

Increase your strength: Increase the intensity or speed of your exercise to burn more calories in your aerobic workouts. For example, if you are working on a treadmill, going uphill will give you 50 calories more fuel.


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