How to Burn Fat? / Accelerate Fat Burning

“Every diet without sport will fail”

No one said that, I’m telling. Ultimately, every diet without a sport will fail. At the university level, people with weight problems (including me) whom I knew at university, had weight problems at the end of the university. Likewise, the people who were fine and beautiful in physics also had a fine and beautiful physique when they graduated.

Even though we are sometimes weak as a person with weight problems, we have absolutely recovered the weight we have given with “diet” and have always experienced weight problem. I am sure you are entering this group as well.

Then we should do something! We have to change our way of life and nutrition.  Moreover, we should make a difference with little changes, not with scaring ourselves at once with radical changes. I was researching this topic, I decided to look at many forums, look at the dictionary, read an article and compile the most important things to you. First of all, it is important to read the articles that explain the importance of the glycemic index and how to control the insulin hormone by burning fat.

# Since the most important thing is to get rid of the grease, we can get rid of our oils in the long run by increasing the fat burning with small tips and nutrition changes, so also from our weight problems. The key word for every diet is “fat burning” #


First I give bad news! Unfortunately there is no regional fat burning. The fat burning in our body is general and it goes through all the fat cells. The exercise to be done locally only allows that area to tighten, not to burn fat!

The second bad news is no direct “fat burning” product! In other words, no natural product essentially burns fat as its primary purpose. The basic principle of burning fat is “to increase the metabolism rate“.

There are 2 basic ways of increasing the metabolic rate. These two roads alone are useless. It works together.

  • Cardio
  • Nutrition


Cardio – How to do it?

cardio sports

As Cardio first comes to mind, jogging, cycling, elliptical tools, swimming must come. These types of activities are activities that burn calories, provide you with water, and increase your metabolism. The most important feature and beauty of Cardio is that you burn calories at that moment, cardio exercises like you make you throw water, your body will increase the metabolism speed and you will burn more calories and fat in the hours that you leave the sport.

Cardio exercises are indispensable and perhaps the most important element of diet and fat burning. You cannot go too far in burning fat unless proper nutrition is supported by cardio. Whether you want to run in the gym, bike rides, swim if you like, and if you like, you can hike and run in the open air in the morning. If you think the summer is over and the air will cool down, a gym membership might be the best fit for you 🙂

So the question is, how should we do cardio exercise? Those who are related to sports have heard and applied HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Many thoughts and scientific articles say that cardio exercises using HIIT cause more fat burning and longer calories burning. What kind of technique is this?

For example, if we run for 20 minutes, we have to warm up for 3 minutes first, then we have to throw 100 meters 5 times in 17 minutes. We also need to walk on the footpaths of these hurdles. On the treadmill; eg walking with the first 10 minutes at 6.0 km / h, followed by fast running at 12 km / h for 1 minute, followed by 2-3 min resting with 7.0 km / h fast walk  and then again with a speed of 12 km / h for 1 minute. How many of you will do in this way of course depends on your strength, your condition, your limits.

So the goal is to raise the pulse at high speed, then relax and lower it and then raise it again. In this way we will further increase the rate of metabolism and improve our condition. When you first start playing sports, do not overdo it yourself and do not hurt yourself. Slowly you sit the HIIT technique. You can apply this logic while riding a bike, swimming, or entering an elliptical device.

If you have a chance to measure your heart rate during a cardio exercise, there is a benefit if your heart rate does not exceed a certain limit for a more suitable cardio for fat loss and fat burning.

You can calculate the maximum pulse rate with the following formula;

Max. Heart rate = 206.9 – (0.67 x your age)

heart rate

Try not to beat this pulse. If you pass this pulse during your fast runs, you can slow down your speed or duration. Over time, you can adjust your speed and time to suit your needs, and increase your pitch on the treadmill or elliptical tool.

Nutrition – How to Feed?


Of course your goal is to lose weight! Our food list should be weighted especially since we will combine our diet with sports. What is meant by protein? Meat, eggs, poultry products, cheese and dairy products may come to mind. In the vegetables, there are also proteins in the peanut butter, but the animal protein that is most useful for us is not the vegetable protein. Proteins provide you with muscle loss and make you feel better. In addition, lean protein digestion will increase your body’s calories by as much as 5%.

The first important point is Morning Breakfast! The basis of fat burning is to accelerate metabolism. If we do not eat breakfast in the morning, the metabolism will slow down and the food you eat after lunch will increase the likelihood that it will turn into fat due to this mode!

breakfast tips

So one of the golden rules of fat burning is to do breakfast in the morning. Of course, we all have no chance of building a healthy breakfast table! So, with the protein-containing milk, you can eat plain cornflakes, muesli, oatmeal for breakfast. They will keep you tired with the high fiber ratios they contain and will not disturb your sugar balance and help you to lose weight with their low calories.

Second important point is Dinner!


If you eat heavy meals this must be between morning and evening. Our evening meal is as light as we can get, even from vegetables, fruits. Most dietitians say you should not eat anything after 6 pm and they are really right. You should not eat dinner after 20:00 pm and you should eat your fruit and snacks 2 hours before you go to bed at the latest.

The third important point is snacks and sodas! Especially if you like snacks like me and you love Coca Cola your head is in trouble. We have to reduce them slowly and slowly.

Why is it so?

The most important factor that prevents fat burning in our bodies and even stores fat is fluctuations in sugar level. If it is a very simple explanation; fatty foods such as hamburgers, sugary drinks such as coke, products with abundant fat and sugar raise the blood sugar abnormally and the body quickly reduces this blood sugar.

Since they are all in a very short time, as soon as blood sugar falls, we are hungry again and we want to eat them again. It is difficult to get out of, it is a cycle of preventing fat burning and weight gain!

When vegetables and protein-rich foods and meats are consumed, they will rise in a balanced manner without sugar, they will decrease in a longer time, will not send an order that will lead to body fat storage, and will be longer. Because of these, we should not bleed these products, no matter how low the calorie and fat amount. “Light” products such as Coca Cola Zero, which we drink as a sugar-free product, contain artificial sugar and make this fluctuation worse. Moreover, many of them contain a serious carcinogenic substance called “aspartame“.

In addition to this important point, to eat “sweet” and “salty” foods more than necessary is causing the body to retain water. When we start the first diet, if we have a very heavy diet, we lose one or two pounds and then stop and do not lose weight. Basically these 1-2 kilos, the sudden we threw from the body, not the fat that is burned, and we immediately get back that kilo we thought we gave.

Which foods help fat burning?

We need to never starve the body before all. We need to eat low-calorie, low-fat, healthy foods with snacks.

What should we do now? A lot of natural and delicious food is surprisingly increasing your metabolism speed. We must start this by integrating them into our lives!

Green Tea – natural miracle

green tea diet

Green Tea is one of the miracles that nature presents to us. I can say the taste is good there are benefits that will never end. (From cancer cells, up to blood pressure) Of course I will not touch these here, but I will refer to the benefit of being relevant to position. Green Tea helps to burn fat by increasing the metabolism rate of the body and it is also very beneficial for water extraction because it is diuretic. I can say green tea, which is indispensable for my diets and my life. We can see this beautiful effect in a very short time if we eat 1 cup for an empty stomach, 1 cup for an evening lie and 1 cup of green tea for a day.

Cinnamon – add flavors to green tea

cinnamon diet

If you get “cinnamon bark” next to your green tea and you put it in a green prick that you french presste or teapot, you better protect your sugar balance and you are less affected than the fluctuations we talked about. Moreover, cinnamon is known for its reduced appetite and for reducing sugar-to-fat conversion to food. It must be one of the essentials of your natural diet.

Hot Pepper – burning fats

hot pepper diet

The hot pepper makes it easier to burn fat by increasing the metabolism rate significantly with the substance called “kapsaisin”. And if you like it, you’re in luck, you can use it in almost every dish, every soup. The benefits of course do not stop at just accelerating metabolism.

Calcium – light dairy products

light milk calcium diet

According to the research done, the calcium reduces the fat effect by volume and helps to lose weight. The most important source of calcium is of course dairy products! Light milk, light cheese and light yogurt are the first to come to mind.

Curry and Mustard Sauces – who says every good thing is tasteless

curry diet

The curry sauce and mustard sauce are the most delicious sauces for me. Whenever you say chicken, this “curry” becomes a sauce. Mustard is also so beautiful. These two flavor-friendly sauces reduce the storage of oil and provide sugar balancing. Have you prepared yourself a nice salad for dinner, what about using mustard or curry sauce before eating it?

Ginger – increase heat

ginger diet

Together with garlic, ginger can also increase the metabolism rate by about 20% by increasing the temperature of the body. Although garlic consumption and consumption is difficult from a social point of view, ginger is easy to find and can be easily consumed. I put a pinch of ginger into the green tea I prepared French Presste, with cinnamon crust and it is very delicious.

Omega 3 – regular use

omega 3 amway

There is no need to discuss the benefits and necessities of Omega 3, which you can get from your fish to your body. It is known that it helps to burn fat in regular use and is a substance that all of us should take. We need to eat fish at least twice a week to get enough, but I do not think this is very realistic. That’s why Omega 3 support pills will work well for you. I regularly consume Amway’s Omega 3 pill.

Flax Seed – Small but Functioning Large

flax seed for diet

Without breaking the taste, your soup, kneaded, prepared corn in the morning, the flaxseed that you can mix, accelerates weight loss as well as many other benefits.

Grapefruit – Bitter but useful

grapefruit diet

We all know that fruit juices are prohibited because dieters are very sweet and sometimes caloric, but at this point their sugar and calories are rather low, and the vitamin C they contain and the grapefruit juice become a completely different fruit juice. Due to its low glycemic index (blood sugar does not make the ceiling) it lowers insulin and cholesterol levels. The most important ingredient inositol, a natural fat burner, accelerates metabolism and promotes fat burning. In addition, this item is also a bitter taste of grapefruit.

Beans – All Types Useful


We can say that all kinds of beans are useful. Bean-rich varieties with low fat and rich in vegetable protein are both fattening and regulating cholesterol, causing rapid metabolism.

Fennel – especially fennel tea

fennel tea diet

I do not like it very much, but it is a very useful plant as a fennel plant. In addition, essential oils in the plant accelerate metabolism, increasing the formation of the enzyme prevents the storage of oils. It must be in our daily list.

Tea and Coffee – On condition of being sugar free


Tea and coffee are the most indispensable of diets. If you do not have a cellulite problem, of course, and with a maximum of 2 cups of coffee and 2-3 cups of tea without sugar, caffeine will increase your metabolism speed by helping to burn fat and diuretic properties will cause water throwing. I do not think I need to talk too much about everyone being indispensable 🙂

Water Water Water ..


The most important need of the body is perhaps “water”. We do not need to say much, but remember, we should drink at least 2 to 2.5 liters of water daily! Especially during times when we diet, when we lose water by doing sports and when coffee and tea consumption increases, this amount has to go up even more. Do not forget, dehydration is very damaging to your body and kidneys. God bless!

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