Exercises Against Cellulite On The Buttocks

Cellulite on the gluteal muscles is a structural change in the subcutaneous fat layer of the body, formed as a result of dysfunction or deformity of fat. Age-related changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, menopause or dysfunctions of the body such as the imbalance of the reproductive organs (ovaries, reproductive system), metabolic disorders, kidney and liver are often the primary cause of external modifications of the female body.

Adipose tissue, mostly located under the skin, forms a soft, elastic pads, protected the body from loss of heat, the function of the energy depot, which nourishes the body in case of starvation. But nourishing diet, disease and improper functioning of internal organs, fat cells breaks into a yellow jelly-like body, deformed, forming a considerable layer of fat.

Anyone may cellulite on the buttocks?

According to statistics, cellulite affects about 90% of women of different ages. And when people see beautiful skin the stars of show-business or movie doesn’t mean that the elites do not have such problems. Just photographers and makeup artists know how to carefully retouch the problem areas, exposing the perfect body shape of our modern models, the star Actresses of theater, cinema, ballet, sports, public and political figures and other celebrities.

Utterly erroneous is the opinion that cellulite only occurs in older and overweight people. The emergence of the cellular formations common to almost any type of skin. The number of natural oils grease and moisture content, i.e., factors that conventionally podrazdelyayutsya skin oily, dry, normal, little affected by the presence or appearance of cellulite.

Most often cellulite is the result of various natural causes:

  • Hormonal failure or violation of the behavior of individual human organs (kidney, liver).
  • Wrong: failures in lymphatic drainage.
  • Insufficient fluid intake.
  • A stressful situation, violation of work of nervous system, emotions, intense moments of life.
  • Bad ecology, organ dysfunction due to persistent accumulations of smog from cars, stay in an unventilated room, in the city streets.
  • Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages with the content of harmful impurities,
  • Unbalanced diet, eating while walking, watching television,
  • Sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work nature, fitness centers, etc.

Cellulite on buttocks has several stages. At the initial stage visually imperceptible signs of orange peel and already involves performing a set of procedures and recommendations to prevent progressive manifestations of the condition.

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