Hard Diet Pouring Hair

Doctor Cristina Harvey, a dermatologist, explained that hard-diet hair loss was caused in the spring and hair loss affects women’s social life and psychology negatively. Doctor Cristina Harvey noted that one of the most important problems of hair loss is iron deficiency and Vitamin D deficiency, which may also be an effect of vitamin A excess, noted that attention should be paid especially to the intake of multivitamins. Expert Doctor Cristina Harvey said that hair loss may be the first indication of many hormonal troubles, especially thyroid disease. “Hair loss is one of the reasons why the hair loss is causing the strase and the stress itself is also caused by the hair. This is why balanced nutrition is very important for hair, and smoking is also a cause that affects hair health negatively “.

Frequent hair loss does not lead to hair loss

Harvey says, “It is normal to spill 100-150 wires a day and it is very important to choose the right shampoo for healthy hair.It is the most important shampoo choice for the most frequently asked questions.Lauryl from the anionic group for fatty hair Amphoteric surfactants containing betaines that do not ignite for babies should be chosen while the shampoos containing sulfates may be chosen.PH value of the shampoo is important.It causes swelling and swelling in the PH and hair shaft which causes damage to the hair shaft.We should try not to use alkaline PH shampoos, I do not have to exceed 5.5.It is important that the content of shampoos is provitamin, vitamins and sun protectors are important and they are only for marketing purposes. vitamins do not have activity because the sun protectors do not have the necessary time to show their effectiveness. ”

Hair moisturizer should be used

Harvey says that “the best moisturizer for hair” is its own oil, which is called “sebum.” There are many synthetic and natural oils used in the moisturizers, including dimericone, which is the slychoin derivative, and many vegetable oils are also added to moisturizers. ” said.



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