Healthy Breakfast Tips for Weight Loss

healthy breakfast tipsThere are many options for a healthy Breakfast. For example, you can buy or prepare their own pancakes. And may prefer the waffles — they are also very popular. The use of these flour products depend on the preparation method and composition of the product. Another important factor is the size of the portions — do not overeat. Let’s compare and find out what you should include in your morning menu.

What are pancakes?

Pancakes cooked from liquid dough on a special shallow pan with a handle. Pancakes (or crepes) usually work fine. They definitely need to turn to both sides are well cooked.

Useful than pancakes?

Liquid pancake dough based on milk, which is known to be a good source of protein and calcium. Eggs too are rich in protein. Especially useful for pancakes made from whole wheat or buckwheat flour (instead of flour). They contain dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Pancakes can be made even more useful by adding to the dough flax seed — this will increase content in the product fiber. The energy value of the middle of the pancake (about 15 cm in diameter) is about 175 calories.

What is a wafer?

Waffles prepared from dough consisting of flour, eggs, sugar, oil, milk and baking powder. Baking powder makes the dough more airy. Using a waffle iron, bake waffles of various shapes and sizes. Waffle iron imparts a characteristic ribbed pattern. The wafers are baked at the same time on both sides.

Useful than waffles?

The batter for making waffles is very similar to a pancake, so the health benefits of both products are almost identical. To increase the nutritional value of waffles, prepare them from whole wheat flour. You can use egg whites instead of whole eggs. This will reduce the calorie content of meals and reduce the content of cholesterol.

Add to the dough fruit like a banana or nuts and seeds — this will make the dish even more nutritious by increasing the content of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Energy value of 1 wafer is about 220 calories.

People rarely eat plain pancakes or waffles. As a rule, they poured syrup, butter, various sauces, decorate with whipped cream, fruits or powdered sugar. All of these supplements are extra calories. It is best to give preference to fruit. Choose natural fruits and not the fruits in sweet syrup. You can also replace the regular syrup on a low-calorie. If you prefer to eat pancakes and waffles with jam or jelly, choose a product without sugar or with its low content.

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