How To Burn/Lose/Reduce Belly Fat in Naturally ?

The professionals suggest 16 ways to answer the question how to burn belly fat. In recent years, experts have been alerted after experiencing problems with excessive weight gain. Inactivity, excessive eating, irregular sleeping, harmful foods are cause belly fat. As a result of these, specialists are warned about the obesity. How to burn belly fat in 16 steps for no obesity and have a healthy body ?

How to burn belly fat in 16 steps?



1- Do not eat any solid food after breakfast until to the lunch.

2- Liquid drinks are free in reasonable quantities.

3- We prefer more water, but there can be 1-2 drinks such as tea and coffee that do not have sugar.

4- If you have to drink lots of tea and coffee, take 1-2 sips and do not finish it.

5- If you like soda, you should drink at least 2 hours after the meal.

6- Eat both meat and vegetable food at lunch.

7- If you are eating soup at lunch, you should not drink at the end of your meal so digestion is easier.

8- Do not eat bread, pasta and rice at lunch.

9- It is not a problem to eat a spoonful of rice or eat 1-2 pound bread beside a meal. But do not exaggerate every day you eat.

10- If you are eating a meal such as stuffing or wrapping; eat 2-3 and do not just eat it.

11- If the meal is low, do not become saturated with bread, eat yogurt, almonds, nuts or walnuts beside it.

12- If the meal is low, do not choose bread, even if there is nothing on your side, eat again after 3-4 hours.

13- If you rarely eat pizza, hamburger, etc., you should choose a lot of stuff and try to eat the middle part.

14- Take care to drink water during meals. Do not choose fruit juice or an acidic drink in food. There may be water, buttermilk, yogurt, or drinks such as milk.

15- If you want fruit at lunch before you go to the table, you can also eat fruit, but only about 1 handful.

16- Never eat a solid food until after the next meal, after your meal, so that your digestive system is reset.


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