Proportions of Water in Training

Training in the gym is a huge physical strain on the entire body. When doing exercise you may lost quite a large amount of water while sweating and quickened breathing. The requirements of some coaches ensure that all training took place without the use of the water due to ignorance of the principles of the human body. If you use water for fitness, the result will be zero, since the fluid that came in the form of perspiration back into the body along with SIPS of alcohol consumed.

This is absolutely not true, since the level of perspiration all people are different, and the amount of sweat depends on the temperature of the air at fitness training in the gym, and each person is different. Because some people are free to drink 3-4 liters of water a day, while others are unable to master even the 1.5 l required to prevent the process of dehydration in the body. In addition, when training loads, the body temperature rises, it lowers the body through sweating, and by the withdrawal of hot air through shortness of breath. First derived microparticles water from the blood, muscle tissue and then from fat.

So the mythical assertion that we should not drink water during exercise, there is no justification. On the contrary, it can critically affect the health of a person involved in fitness, because weakly thickened blood moves through the arteries, and exercise makes the heart beat faster, thereby ucasa the process of circulation, this can cause temporary dizziness, spasms, pain, cramps, migraine and rapid fatigue. But the more the body is dehydrated, the faster begins to dwindle. Frequent stress (especially elderly organism) threaten to lead to a hospital bed.

To drink or not to drink at practice?

Of course, to drink! But the amount and quality of absorbed fluid must meet the requirements not to harm the body.

First, do not drink cold liquid. The water should be room, fever flushed on training the body with ice water will create a dissonant condition of the body, contributing to the emergence of colds.

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