Skinny Fat

The Causes of People’s Skinny Fat and How to Fix It

You work hard to lose weight, you are on a strict diet and still feel skinny fat? Solutions are here. If you are researching the non-weightless foods on the internet and just eating them, exercising until your joints are dusted, supplements are being swallowed five times, if you do not miss exercise programs at home and you are still skinny fat, Please read the article carefully because;

In this article, you will learn how to be more fit in the rest of your beautiful life, healthy diets and ways to reach your imaginary body.

Let’s start.

What is Skinny Fat?

To describe with two opposing words. Could someone be both skinny and fat? What a contradiction. While “Skinny” tells you that the muscles are developed and your body is lean; “Fat” tells you that your body is full of fat.

When both come together, you realize that your body looks weak, but it is actually oily. While men are interested in having a muscular body, it is repulsive for women to have such a body. Men lose weight in a shorter time and look fit, and women have to work a long time to achieve it. In fact, the main problem is that it looks oily despite muscles. If you reduce calorie diet, increase cardio and if you do sport less, you can be skinny fat. In fact, these are the main skeletons of weight loss proposals. You will already see them in all the sources you apply.

Do these suggestions really make you skinny fat?

Let’s see.

Restricting calorie intake makes it easier to be skinny fat. A regular and healthy weight loss means a decrease in the amount of energy your body wants. If you exercise less energy in your body, your calorie needs will also decrease. However, if you cut calorie intake suddenly you can cause major muscle loss.

Indeed, there are those who have cardio for days now to lose belly fat all over the world; So you are not alone. Cardio alone is not enough to lose weight, on the contrary cardio can make more fat than before. Cardio is useful when used in combination with other methods, but it’s up to capacity.

Why does not excessive cardio weaken?

  1. Excessive endurance exercise affects your muscle and strength development.
  2. If your cardio is long, it naturally interferes with your muscle and strength development. Do more cardio 4 days a week, do cardio at least 2 hours every day, it is an exaggerated recommendation to lose weight. Because the other side will also apply dieting. Do not load so much in your body. If weight loss programs include low intensity resistance training, it is not true.

As much as cardio, oxygen will accelerate burning after exercise, since it will create an afterburn effect. The resistance that you gain with lifting in your body, protect your muscles well. So instead of losing fat, you will not lose muscle; Because you may need to work several months sometimes to lose weight. During this time, you should protect your muscles.


How to Not Be Skinny Fat?

We have already mentioned the short cuts for skinny fat, and now you know. Avoid high-calorie, high cardio and low resistance training. How can we prevent the damage that can happen to our body? And how do we get this damage done?

Should I choose to lose fat & make muscle?

Millions of people in the world know the type of body they want, but they do not know how to reach it.

When men want to make muscle, women want to lose fat. Both are on the wrong path, because they actually have to do both on this path. When planning diet programs and exercises, they can lose fat and build muscles. It is possible to get rid of skinny fat problem with this method which we call body recomposition. What makes this problem very fat-less muscle. You have read that it is impossible to lose fat while you gain muscle. This is not true. If you are skinny fat, you can lose fat and build muscle with the weight lifting program. But you should know how to do it. You will work to escape from your skinny fat days and make muscles, then you will have the body shape you want.

Cardio program

It is important to keep weekly sessions as low as possible to include cardio in weight loss programs. Do not overdo the cardio to weaken quickly. For this;

  1. A cardio session should be no more than 20-30 minutes
  2. Should be no more than 2.5 hours per week (average 5 sessions)

Besides this, you should have a regular diet program. (This phrase is quite popular) Your habits in the kitchen can undermine your work in the gym. Even the best sports program becomes useless with a bad diet. On a bad diet, you cut off your calorie intake. Of course your body will reduce your calorie needs over time, but it will cause damage. Do not be afraid, we can reverse the damage.

You should pay attention to the following in the best weight loss program;

– Reduce calorie intake at reasonable level

– Use macronutrient balance

– Create and follow a regular exercise program.

Have Your Thoughts About Skinny Fat Changed?

Skinny fat is not your fate. A situation you can solve.

You have a little box, you have too much oil. This is the situation.

You can make muscle, you can reduce your fat.

It can take time, but it’s easy. Focus on how you will look after you do this.

It is in your hands how you will look and feel in the rest of your life.


You can share your experiences about skinny fat. Leave a comment and help others get information. Make them feel that they are not alone…

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