Types of Solarium for Fitness Training

The beauty of a fitness model is completed when the body is covered with seductive Golden tan. Not coincidentally, the Solarium choose when doing fitness training as the source of beauty and youth. Tanned skin is always associated with a healthy body, with both natural and artificial tanning is good to take in moderation, without overdose.

Exposure to ultraviolet light promotes transition to the active phase of vitamin D, ergocalciferol, and the appearance of a beautiful tan. An important advantage is improved metabolism, and overall health of the body. Doctors recommend a visit to the Solarium, make the sessions of tanning in the case of lowering immunity, frequent colds, joint problems and other indications.

The Solarium can be useful not for everyone, is to adopt the procedures at a fitness club, it is under the supervision of a doctor, so before the session you should consult with a specialist servicing the medical-preventive complex. This is necessary in order to assess the condition of the skin, the possibility of receiving procedures, creating a personalized schedule artificial tanning.

Modern fitness for women provides for the mandatory trips to the Solarium, which you can visit without leaving the fitness club. Convenient location in one of the sports complex allows to save time and money.

These benefits differs Solarium in Marino with ultramodern equipment and a personal approach to each participant of the fitness club. Here you can choose different types of procedures, depending on individual tolerance. Turbo Tanner sessions are taken standing, with the tan evenly covers all parts of the body simultaneously.

If you like to relax during the procedures, you can choose a UV bath in a prone position, which enables a good rest. In addition to vertical and horizontal sun decks some specialized Wellness centres are equipped with sedentary models in which the election to apply the tan on one particular area of the body.

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