Why do Women Need Testosterone?

Testosterone is the main male hormone, and in women it must be present in minimal quantities. Whether so it and why do the ladies testosterone? Let’s face it.

It argued that boosting testosterone in women products threaten the loss of femininity and if you abuse them, then the figure will become like men… let’s Try to dispel myths about the “male” hormone.

What is the role of testosterone in the female body?

The level of this hormone affects the level of strength and muscle gains during training. He is also responsible for energy levels, mood and sexual desire.

Yes, it is called male hormone, but females can not do without it. In men, its content is 200-1200 ng/DL and in women is much less – 15-70 ng/DL. That is why women should not be afraid of “pumping” – they have too little of this substance.

More testosterone maintains muscle and bone mass women, it also affect libido.

In the popular English journal of medicine the results of a curious study. Assess the sexuality and quality of life of women with low levels of this hormone. It turned out that after testosterone boosting their health and sex life has improved.

After the cessation of menstruation amount of testosterone in the body is significantly reduced, but not as much as estrogen. In women with removed ovaries testosterone level is reduced in half.

Which will help to increase testosterone?

Usually, when decrease of testosterone, the woman immediately feels the change. In particular, it becomes weaker, more passive and colder to the partner. If after menopause she still drinks estrogen (with or without progesterone), the production of male hormone in her body even more attenuated.

One cannot underestimate the rejuvenating effect of testosterone. It turns fat into muscle, making the skin more elastic and maintains high mineral bone density, improves mood. It provides a stable cognitive function and helps to cleanse the liver and blood vessels.

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